ARION Aisle Containment : Cold Containment


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ARION Aisle Containment : Cold Containment

Data centers everywhere are highly focused on reducing their energy consumption to protect the environment and reduce operations costs by saving energy. Cooling the equipment in your data center is one of the largest consumers of energy so by reducing consumption, significant savings will be achieved. The most effective method today is to use “Aisle Containment” as a thermal management tool. There are two types of aisle containment, Cold Aisle and Hot Aisle containment. The basic system works by isolating the cold intake air (Cold Aisle) or hot exhaust air (Hot Aisle), from the rest of the data center environment. By preventing hot and cold air from mixing in the data center, greater efficiencies are achieved in power consumption. Cheval has developed solutions for both cold and hot aisle.

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