ECD Breathers and Drains


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ECD Breathers and Drains

Crouse-Hinds series ECD breathers and drains are for use in hazardous location conduit systems to drain accumulated condensate and provide ventilation to minimize condensation. A breather is installed in the top of an enclosure or in the upper section of a conduit system. A standard drain is installed in the bottom of an enclosure or in the lower section of a conduit system. At least one breather should be used with each drain.

ECDs are also available in universal and combination models.

  • A universal ECD functions as a breather when mounted at the top of an enclosure, or as a drain when mounted in the bottom of an enclosure.
  • Combination ECDs are used in those applications where the use of a top mounted breather is not practical due to limited space, or in offshore and marine installations where moisture may enter the enclosure through the breather located on top of the enclosure.

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