Condulet Form 7 Conduit Outlet Bodies and Covers


แบรนด์ : Crouse – Hinds by EATON


Condulet Form 7 Conduit Outlet Bodies and Covers

One hundred years after the introduction of the Condulet, Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Division remains the leader in conduit outlet bodies. The line has grown to six families manufactured in a variety of materials, and Form 7 bodies are offered in 11 different shapes to provide the most flexible offering on the market.

Form 7 Condulet outlet bodies approach conduit in size for neat, compact installations. Many shapes and sizes are available for rigid threaded conduit. Our Form 7 family features an exclusive Snaptight and wedge nut cover attachment for an unobstructed cover opening, and an integrally gasketed cover saves customers inventory and labor costs. Form 7 is available as components or pre-packaged in various configurations as a SnapPack assembly.

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