Ex-Switch-Disconnector additionally certified accd. to IEC/EN 62626-1


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Ex-Switch-Disconnector additionally certified accd. to IEC/EN 62626-1

CEAG explosion-protected switch-disconnectors (also known as “safety switch”) and main current switches are used for the operation of drives, motors and electrical installations in industrial, harsh or hazardous environments. From 10 A up to 700 A – Eaton has a solution for almost any application. Eaton Crouse-Hinds series GHG26 switch-disconnectors are rated for motor switching with utilization category AC-3 according to IEC/EN 60947-3 and are equipped with positively driven main contacts. Of course, our switch-disconnectors are also suitable to provide isolation during repair and maintenance according to IEC / EN 62626-1. The CEAG switch-disconnectors series GHG 26 from 10 A – 180 A and the GHG 981 series from 25 A – 80 A meets class 1 of the standard. The late make, early break auxiliary contacts (20 ms) guarantee redundant safety for extreme switching requirements. Eaton offers a large number of different circuits, star-delta, pole-changing and reversing circuits. The mounting system ensures a simple and, as a result, cost-saving installation.

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