Ex-Light Fitting eLLK 92 and eLLK 92 LED-Ready


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Ex-Light Fitting eLLK 92 and eLLK 92 LED-Ready

Ex-Light Fitting eLLK 92 18 W – 58 W / eLLM 92 18 W – 36 W (Zone 1, 2, 21, 22) Suited for use outdoors due to high UV resistance. Easy to install due to generously dimensioned connection compartment.

eLLK fluorescent light fixture is an ideal source of general illumination, indoors or out, in hazardous environments around the globe.  The eLLK is globally certified for use in NEC Division and IEC Zone hazardous areas.  Its heavy duty, non-metallic construction stands up to tough physical and environmental demands, making it an excellent choice where dust, dirt, gas, vapor, smoke, fumes, moisture, corrosive and wet conditions are present.

eLLK light fixtures are also ideal for areas where low mounting height, immediate full illumination and even light distribution associated with a line-type light source are required, such as loading docks, tunnels and stairways.  The fixture is available with a self-contained battery system for emergency lighting applications.

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