Ex-Escape Sign Luminaires


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Ex-Escape Sign Luminaires

EXIT for Zone 1 and Zone 21 / Exit 2 for Zone 2 and Zone 22

Leading the way in hazardous areas The EXIT series of explosionprotected escape sign luminaires fulfils the requirements of ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and EN 60598, Section 2.22 for emergency lighting luminaires.

The luminaires are suited for marking escape routes and exits in hazardous areas. Emergency lighting luminaires with selfcontained battery systems Emergency lighting luminaires with self-contained battery systems provide the required emergency lighting from a decentralized source, independent of central systems. These luminaires are particularly economical when used in extensive plants. Until now, compared to centrally operated and monitored installations, the disadvantage of the emergency lighting luminaires with self-contained battery systems was that they did not provide any information on the state of the luminaire.

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