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Multi-Sensor Cameras

WV-S8564L i-PRO

Industry thinnest* multi-directional cameras with AI Engine
4x6MP(25MP) Outdoor Multi-Directional Network Camera with AI Engine

  • 4 x 6MP(25MP) 3328x1872 up to 15fps
  • 360° coverage with one IP address
  • Intelligent Auto (with AI Engine)
  • Super Dynamic 120dB
  • Color night vision (0.084 to 0.12 lx)
  • Smart Coding (with AI Engine)
  • Built-in 360° IR LED
  • Continuous view assistance
  • Wide range tilt angle adjustment mechanism
  • Built-in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified Secure Element
  •  (EdgeLock® SE050F NXP® Semiconductors)
  • NDAA Compliant

*As of February 2022, based on i-PRO own research.

 WV-S8564L Spec Sheet (Global)


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